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NCAA and College Athlete Advocacy

Danielle Knows From Experience

Danielle knows how to advocate for her clients because she has been in their shoes. Now more than ever, college athletes are speaking out about the abusive coaching tactics used to force players to quit the program and free up scholarship funds.

Danielle experienced these tactics firsthand as a 20-year-old Division I volleyball player. When those did not work, her coach tried to trick her into signing a contract that would have “voluntarily” terminated her scholarship. Luckily, Danielle had an attorney who advised her not to sign anything without prior approval, and that lawyer made sure Danielle was able to keep her scholarship through graduation. This experience inspired Danielle to attend law school, and now, as an attorney, it has given Danielle tremendous insight to understand her clients’ needs.

Danielle started the firm to concentrate on matters she is most passionate about, and she takes great pride in representing the interests of prospective and current college athletes nationwide. Danielle has been able to combine her knowledge of the law, NCAA rules, and her own personal experience to help each client navigate their unique situation. She knows that in many cases, the school will act in its own best interest, even when doing so will harm the interests of the student-athlete. When a serious situation occurs, a professional and experienced advocate can help guide a student-athletes through the intimidating and complex landscape. If your interests are not aligned with your institution, D’Ambrose P.C. ensures you have the advocacy needed to protect your needs.

Danielle assists athletes in navigating potential misconduct issues including athlete allegations relating to improper coach conduct, and other ethical conduct issues to ensure athlete wellness while on campus. Danielle’s experience as a college athlete attorney also includes eligibility issues, medical waivers, transfer cases, and scholarship disputes. D’Ambrose P.C. will work collaboratively with your college or university and your athletics compliance office to make sure you remain eligible or get back on the field of play as quickly as possible.

Teaming up with D’Ambrose P.C. when encountering these issues will help you receive a fair and complete opportunity to present your case. If you are a college athlete and need an advocate, call us at (312) 396-4121 or contact Danielle D’Ambrose by submitting our form to schedule your free and private consultation.