Practice Area

Crisis Management

In advising individuals and companies dealing with complex, high-profile problems, D’Ambrose P.C. employs a practical, hands-on approach that prioritizes each client’s specific needs and goals. Danielle D’Ambrose provides comprehensive advice to help clients anticipate, manage, and resolve corporate crises.

D’Ambrose P.C.’s approach in these circumstances is to be fully engaged on behalf of the client, providing advice that addresses and manages all aspects of the situation, including:

  • identifying key strategic issues,
  • managing the important public relations aspects,
  • anticipating and assessing litigation risks, and
  • assisting with internal changes.

D’Ambrose P.C. strives to resolve these problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Potential crisis situations, investigations and litigation often raise issues beyond the initial subject matter and require multidisciplinary expertise to resolve effectively and efficiently. With a background in general practice litigation and experience in crisis management, Danielle’s clients trust her to take care of these matters and avoid potentially devastating consequences.

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