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False Sexual Assault Claims

At D’Ambrose P.C., we strive to be the right law firm for each client. Attorney Danielle D’Ambrose intentionally limits the number of cases she takes so she can devote more time, attention, and resources to every client. This level of attentiveness is often the difference that gives our clients confidence throughout the case and a far better chance of securing positive results. Our clients are important to us, and we will only take your case when we know we can help.

While the Me Too movement has empowered many to finally get the justice they deserve, some see it as an opportunity to pin false accusations on people for their own personal benefit. Unfortunately, in the past few years, stories of false allegations of sex abuse have been on the rise.

Not only does this behavior cause the Me Too movement to lose credibility, but it destroys the lives of innocent people.

Attorney Danielle D’Ambrose understands the devastating reputational damage and economic losses that can result from a false accusation of sexual assault, and she will fight for your rights at every step of the way. If you have been wrongly sued for sexual assault or abuse, D’Ambrose P.C. will provide you with experienced, aggressive defense to those claims. As an experienced defense attorney, Danielle D’Ambrose understands the life-changing consequences you face. It is her goal to defend you from start to finish and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure a swift, efficient conclusion to your case.

Even more, she will help you fight back.

Many times, the person making up such false accusations are not the type of people deterred by a dismissed case, and the harassment can continue. A lawsuit against that false accuser allows you to recover from the damage those false accusations caused, and it ensures that a strong message is sent for them to stay away forever. There are many situations that fall within the laws designed to protect people against false accusations of sexual assault. These laws provide remedies for statements or publications that injure a person’s reputation, even when these statements are made on social media or an internet board.

Danielle D’Ambrose recognizes the damage these claims can inflict, especially when they cause others to form strong opinions and take retaliatory actions. There is a potential loss of business and career opportunities, and the pain of being publicly accused of sexual assault can take an enormous toll on the lives of the falsely accused, and the trauma often spreads to his or her family.

Danielle D’Ambrose will act quickly to protect you and your interests. In civil cases involving sexual assault or abuse, it is essential to understand the law, know the limitations of certain types of evidence, and navigate the significant damage to one’s reputation that can result from false accusations of sexual misconduct. When facing these issues, it is best to have an experienced, passionate attorney behind you.

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