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About Our Firm

At D’Ambrose P.C., we strive to be the right law firm for each client. Attorney Danielle D’Ambrose intentionally limits the number of cases she takes so she can devote more time, attention, and resources to every client. This level of attentiveness is often the difference that gives our clients confidence throughout the case and a far better chance of securing positive results. Our clients are important to us, and we will only take your case when we know we can help.

Danielle D’Ambrose is known for the high-quality level of service she provides. But she is perhaps most proud of is the firm’s reputation for providing clients with exceptional value. The legal expertise you receive is on par with the largest firms, but with an intimate, hands-on approach that cultivates success. D’Ambrose P.C. is well-qualified to handle a variety of complex cases, and if a case calls for extra help in particular sub-specialty or jurisdiction, we will team up with other firms (and split the fee, so it doesn’t cost the client any extra). 

We value each of our relationships with our clients and will advocate to get you the results you deserve. Nearly all of the firm’s growth can be attributed to referrals given by our satisfied customers to their friends, families and associates, and we’re proud of that. We are not a mass production law firm. We don’t look at you as number and assign you to a secretary or paralegal. Every client’s case is handled by attorney Danielle D’Ambrose from start to finish.

Clients want a lawyer they can rely on, trust, have access to whenever and wherever. As a client of D’Ambrose P.C., you become part of our team. You will have your attorney’s cell phone number to make communication quick, easy, and personable. Your calls will get through. Your texts will be answered. By creating a culture that is committed to fostering the growth of long-term relationships, our clients can freely and openly communicate knowing that their opinions are respected.

At D’Ambrose P.C., we don’t approach every case with the same formula, and we don’t only work on certain types of cases. If you’d like to speak to attorney Danielle D’Ambrose, or if you want more information about any of the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with us at (312) 396-4121 or Danielle@DambrosePC.com. If there is any reason we cannot accommodate you, we will refer you to a lawyer who can.

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