Practice Area

Corporate Law

Danielle D’Ambrose is a business lawyer with both an MBA and a J.D. It is this marriage of business and law that makes her the perfect candidate to represent you in whatever business matter you may be facing. From the mom-and-pop shop, small businesses, all the way to large corporations, Danielle can provide the right legal counsel for your business needs.

While not exhaustive, some of the things D’Ambrose P.C. can help you with includes:

Business Formation

D’Ambrose P.C. will start by enlightening you on what options are available to you to get your business incorporated and off the ground, providing you with detailed explanations about each type of business entity.

Business Operations

Once your business is up and running, you may run into situations that will require the input of a business lawyer. D’Ambrose P.C. is able to step in at any time to provide the legal assistance you need.

Corporate Counsel

For times when you want access to an attorney who is working to support all your business decisions from a legal standpoint, you can contact D’Ambrose P.C. to learn about options for ongoing counsel.

Contract Agreements

Before you sign any contact, it is imperative that you hire a business lawyer to scrutinize that agreement. Danielle D’Ambrose has experience drafting contracts, advising clients on the interpretation contract terms, and, when necessary, litigating breach of contract cases.

If you’d like to speak to attorney Danielle D’Ambrose, or if you want more information about any of the services that we offer, feel free to get in touch with us at (312) 396-4121 or contact Danielle D’Ambrose by submitting our form. If there is any reason we cannot accommodate you, we will refer you to a lawyer who can.