Practice Area

Commercial Litigation

Great legal representation is essential to running a great business. Attorney Danielle D’Ambrose, who holds both J.D. and MBA degrees, is experienced in all facets of commercial law and delivers exceptional client service. Danielle understands that litigation is bad for business. That’s why she strives to end business disputes early – and on your terms – so you can get back to work.

If you prefer to be hands-on, Danielle will include you in every step of your case and will ensure that you understand the process, that you have copies of legal documents filed, and that you are kept up to date as the case progresses. If you prefer a hands-off approach, Danielle will make sure handle your matter efficiently and provide updates in a manner you prefer. Either way, D’Ambrose P.C. works hard to keep your costs down and help you navigate your legal affairs with the least amount of stress.

For these reasons, Danielle D’Ambrose is well-regarded among her clients. Most of her cases are referred by former clients or their family members and friends who have witnessed first-hand Danielle’s expertise in the handling of commercial litigation cases. D’Ambrose P.C. believes word-of-mouth referral is the best measure of the firm’s success and speaks volumes regarding Danielle’s zealous representation of her clients.

If you’d like to speak to attorney Danielle D’Ambrose, or if you want more information about any of the services that we offer, call us at (312) 396-4121 or contact Danielle D’Ambrose by submitting our form. If there is any reason we cannot accommodate you, we will refer you to a lawyer who can.